Femme Hive


Welcome to FEMME HIVE: Berlin Femme / Queer Feminine Konferenz!
The conference will take place in Berlin-Neukölln, Germany, over the weekend of 10-12 October 2014, consisting of workshops, skill shares, panels, films, visual art, fashion show, performances and a big buzzy femme celebration party!

Registration is now closed for FEMME HIVE. If you are still interested in attending but just found out, you can sign up on the waiting list and we will see what we can do about squeezing you in based on capacity. There will also be a few spots free at the registration table during conference if there is space free. All evening programming though is open, so please join us for the Femme Show (Oct 10th, 22:00 @SchwuZ), The Femme Film Program (Oct 11th, 21:00 @Villa Neukölln) and the Farewell Social with music (Oct 12th, 17:00 @Silver Future).

The Program for FEMME HIVE is now up! Details for the Femme Film Program, Femme Show (performances/Djs), Visual Art, Workshops and Venues will be up in the coming week, accessible through the main menu and links within the schedule.

Please consider filling out the Get Involved form if you wish to join the hive or volunteer your skills!

FEMME HIVE is for queer femmes but also those who are queer feminine and do not per se identify as ‘femme’ (this is partly due to the fact that ‘femme’ is not a common identity within the Berlin queer scene). Through the power of Femme Feminism and love, this event is meant to match fun with open dialogue about how queer femininity is dealt with/received, including intersectional femme experiences of race.class.trans-identity.ability.&.body-politics, focused ultimately on validating and celebrating the feminine!

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