I was moved to re-post this following some issues surfacing for me from a past relationship and a conversation with a friend who is looking to shift some old feelings in order to make room for a new relationship. I would be delighted to work with anyone on this kind of issue, its a very potent method for healing and clearing space ensuring new relationships are not polluted by the old stuff you are carrying and may inappropriately project into the now. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss in more detail

Polka Dot Dakini

Dear friends, I am developing a new series of readings around relationships. I piloted the first of this series first on myself and then tonight on a client who had specifically requested a reading to understand more about a long term relationship which had ended leaving her with a lot of hurt emotions and unanswered questions. She wanted to understand what it had all meant and to gain insight into how she could let go and move on. In working on the design of this new reading, i thought about how I still have residual feelings about some of my ex partners and wondered if I still have more healing and letting go to do. I also thought about how every relationship has in some way been a gift and a learning experience, even when challenging or painful. I wondered whether I really understood the learning, the gift from past…

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