Holly Scanlon fierce feminista blogging from She Toon ( Dundee)


Feminism is such a dirty word.

The truth of the matter is its a filthy word that stirs up a beast in common people (myself included) who are either scared, threatened, intimated or unknowledgeable about the term and the meaning behind it. I discovered this over the last week when researching this theme, so much so it had me entangled between floods of tears, an enraged frenzy and fits of laughter.

So what is feminism?

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.”

It all started when a post popped up on my news feed that made me look twice, at first I burst out laughing and then a furious wave of anger crept over me, the remark evoked frustration and I had to leave a comment – ‘Do you actually know what the term feminist means?’ It transpires that even in 2014 few people do, it’s…

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