Introducing Shelbatra Jashari

I had the pleasure of meeting and being blown away by performance artist Shelbatra Jashari,  at Femme Hive, whose work really defies categorisation.  The piece I saw entitled ‘Hello Shelly’ was a kind of anti-burlesque piece involving dance, voice over and multi media projection offering a provocative political take on femininity and sexuality.  Shelbatra’s work is inherently political, and  it seems always there is some element of provocation.  For example her work entitled BURKA EXQUISE within which she ‘constructs different customized Burka’s [ burqa( Urdu: بُرقع†) is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public ]. The dress-character combination form a performance and deal in a non-conformist way with the questioning of cloth and the restriction of the body within political/religious symbolism. Until now, 3 performances have been constructed  Burgeisha, Writing Piece, Barburka).  This is just a very small sample of her incredibly diverse body of performance art work which spans art, text, dance, physical theatre and multi media.

Videos of specific pieces/projects and more information about Shelbatra and her work can be found on

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