First we take Manhattan …

My fundraising for my Berlin Femme Hive residency is going well. I’ve had contributions coming in left, far left and extreme left of centre since Saturday. £130 towards my target of £500 so far which is incredible! For those of you who havn’t heard, I am seeking sponsorship to attend FEMME HIVE, a conference looking at Queer Feminine Identities in Berlin 10-12 Oct. I’ve been invited to attend as an artist/performer. My plan is to make work while I’m there, capturing the essence of the conference, giving it voice as it were through writing and sound capture. I created this blog as a home for queer femme writing and art using the conference as inspiration. I will also perform there on Oct 12th. I am really excited to be given this opportunity. I applied through kickstarter to raise the funds there and was approved, that was three days ago, but the link to my project still has gltiches and I havn’t been able to launch. Time is running out so I thought I would just make a more personal appeal just now to friends and supporters of my work, and ask if you would consider donating £10 or £20 towards the costs of this venture – basically travel and accommodation. For details of how to donate email me on and I can give you acc no or pay pal ref.I will keep donators informed about the progress of the project and all will receive a CD or sound file of the finished work(s) all support will be gratefully and lovingly received! Thanks in advance! Love Fraulein Paulein xx

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